"I am Chris Jacobson, President of the Buckroe Civic Association. I am here representing the Buckroe Civic Association Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of the Buckroe Civic Association, upon review of the proposed actions reflected in the Hampton Shoreline Maintenance and Protection Plan developed by the Shoreline Protection Subcommittee of the Hampton Waterways Steering Committee, as established by the City Council, are categorically opposed to any stated action that takes into consideration the use of eminent domain of personal property or the taking through easement of any property in Buckroe Beach. The BCA is energized to engage with the City, Shoreline Protection Subcommittee and citizens of Buckroe Beach for positive steps in our collective future; however, concepts, consistent with the Buckroe Master Plan, should be developed that do not include denying the rights of the citizens of the Buckroe community."

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