Anti-eutrophication If excess nutrients have resulted in de-oxygenated water, dredging may be a solution. Eutrophication affects shallow lakes and causes the dead zone in the Bay.

Contaminant remediation Dredging is sometimes used to remove chemicals washed in with storm water.

Spoil site A permanent location for sediments. Some have strong odors, too much salt for vegetation, or even contaminants and debris.

Trailing suction hopper dredge Typically used for maintenance dredging, it trails a suction pipe and loads the spoil into a hopper to transport to the spoil site.

Turbidity suspended particles in water. Muddy water can choke filter feeding organisms.



The elected leaders of Hampton have called for a project that invites the citizens of Hampton to work together to identify public concerns, potential policies, community priorities and funding for a comprehensive plan for waterway management.

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